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Natural State Research Centre

The NATURAL STATE Research Centre is located at the base of Mt. Kenya within close proximity of open savannah, shrubland, dense forest and wetlands with a great diversity of species ranging from elephants to warthogs to dung beetles.


Our goal at the NATURAL STATE research centre is to develop technology and financial systems that will catalyse large-scale restoration globally as well as help train future leaders for this sector.  In the short term we are revolutionizing impact monitoring for carbon, biodiversity and human-wellbeing, so that the success or failure of restoration efforts can be clearly defined.  We are using this technology to implement a blueprint carbon restoration project in the Mt. Kenya landscape and will issue credits that truly integrate measurable benefits for communities and biodiversity.  

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Over the longer term we will scale this approach across tropics and subtropics, but at the centre focus more on testing and identifying which restoration interventions are most effective at sequestering carbon, restoring biodiversity and improving human well-being.  We will also work with local communities to help make the carbon restoration markets more accessible and assist in catalysing community lead restoration initiatives. Finally we are developing an intensive training programme, ensuring strong African leadership in the carbon and restoration space. 


Our female led team of African scientists at the center are working with an impressive global network of academics, corporations and NGOs.  We are extremely collaborative and keen to work with partners that share our mission. The centre has excellent facilities enabling partner organisations to come and work with the team in the field for long periods of time.



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