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Natural State Logo


NATURAL STATE  aims to remain a small, focused, high impact organization with clearly articulated and regularly monitored deliverables. We believe maintaining the below values is critical to taking our impact to scale.



Natural State Logo

While our mission is first and foremost environmental, we are also deeply committed to social justice

Collaborate with the best-in-class experts

Transparent finances with overheads never more than 15%

Always build capacity where we are working to grow local NGOs and community organizations

Remain below approximately 40 core staff members and outsource where possible to remain agile and efficient

Excel in using teams of collaborators to solve specific challenges

Diverse and highly-skilled team with a minimum of hierarchy

Fail fast, learn fast with a “lean impact” approach

Rigorously measure and report on the impact of all our activities

Focus where we have the potential to be transformative, aiming for truly systemic change

Share our data, technology and findings with local partners

Value and respect all our staff and partners 

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